Welcome to Water Natuurlijk!

Water Natuurlijk literally means ‘Water Naturally’.

Water Natuurlijk is the largest party for water boards in the Netherlands. In the recent water board elections on March 15th, we were elected in all water boards. We are proud of this achievement and would like to share our ideology with you.

What do water boards actually do? In the Netherlands, there are 21 water boards responsible for managing water levels, water quality, and safety in your local area. This includes maintenance and protection of our rivers, canals, and other water sources, as well as proper drainage and protection against flooding.

At Water Natuurlijk, we have a strong focus on sustainable water management and creating a healthy living environment for both humans and nature. We believe that preserving our water resources is essential for future generations. Therefore, we are dedicated to clean and safe waterways and the protection of our valuable ecosystems.

Would you like to make a difference too? Join Water Natuurlijk! As a member, you can support our efforts towards sustainable water management and have the opportunity to be involved in local decision-making. Together, we can work towards preserving our precious water resources.

Are you interested in our vision and activities? Feel free to contact us through our website. We welcome you to our community of people who are dedicated to a sustainable and healthy living environment.

Join Water Natuurlijk and together, let’s make a positive impact on the preservation of our water resources!


Climate change has significant impacts on nature, us, and our living environment. We believe that nature should be at the center of water management in order to prevent the depletion of the habitats of humans and animals.

It is high time that water quality in the Netherlands is improved. Streams and ditches should not serve as drains for chemicals and waste. We are committed to tackling water pollution at the source.

Everyone should be able to enjoy water and nature. After all, water is encountered everywhere, both inside and outside the city. Many recreational activities take place on and around water, where a lot of cultural heritage can be found.

We can only achieve sustainable water management by investing in new technologies and collaboration. We can accomplish more by working better and more closely with other parties and leveraging their expertise.